Journal Entry #1


I am not able to keep track of things in real life. will try this online style. cause then i can access it from anywhere and dont have to drag a leather book around.

was watching Joe Rogan interview with Kevin Hart. it is sick. if you havent watched it you must go and do it right now.

when you gain success this is what you. He talks on such profound level that you almost feel getting wiser by the second. go watch it.

talked about how it was his job to go achieve and go back to his community and start educating people on how money works, of how its NOT OK to have credit cards and it is certainly NOT OK to be cool with having no bank account!

fascination. how is this table made, where do you get the wood? someone had to figure it all out through generations. to just create this table or toothpaste. like rogan said in his special:

Not a lot of people know how to do anything. if all smart people disappeared, people would have to go to caves cause it would take the million years to figure out how to produce electricity or create an iphone. or build a bridge over the river.

Author: Eddie Marke

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1 thought on “Journal Entry #1

  1. Hi Eddie’
    Interesting comments. You had mentioned this interview the other day, I will take note and watch it.
    Hope all goes well,

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