Dealing With Disappointments

  • Woke up this morning with some butterflies in my stomach.I was on the way to meet an important person to talk about helping me with my business venture, but they couldn’t meet me because of a migrane and slept in past our meeting, but called later and all is well now!
  • However i really wanted to meet them and that was one of the reasons i came to Canada! I was offered to reschedule, but could not do, because i had to return to USA already!
  • Anyhow, the point here being that In morning before leaving for this meeting, i watched Ray Higdon on video. He was talking about disappointments.
  • Video was called Dealing With Disappointments or smth like that…
  • He said our disappointments are predetermined! Because in order to have a disappointment, you have to have an expectation set for specific outcome. and if we don’t meet that outcome we get disappointed!
  • Makes sense? We set ourselves up for disappointment by creating expectations!
  • So what’s the solution? Solution for this is best described by Tony Robbins. He always says:
    Trade your Expectations for Appreciation!
  • Start appreciating what happens to you instead of maybe getting upset because you could not have it your way!
    -Everything happens for a reason! you being stuck in traffic for 5 minutes longer, helped you escape from a ticket because police officer just left that location where he was giving out tickets.
  • or you losing something, led you to a store where you met a friend or some cool person that helped with something in future! God works in mysterious ways and often we focus on what happens in the moment and are not able to see a big picture!
  • So yeah, trade your expectations for appreciations and see what happens!
  • Needless to say, i got to practice what I’m preaching pretty much one hour after i watched the video!!
  • Talk about law of attraction! by watching that video, made me get into a strange vibration apparently to attract the thing i listened to one hour later!! manifestation at it’s best!
  • But guess what! i was ok with it! i knew it was meant to be this way and it probably happened for a reason! so ain’t going to lose sleep over it! In fact I’m super grateful for peoples hospitality in Canada, awesome service at restaurants, all the awesome people i got to meet in city and in the mountains and really grateful to have experienced beautiful nature it has to offer! it has resemblance of my version of paradise! 🙂
  • Remember life doesn’t happen to you. it happens for you! be grateful for what you already have while you go after that which you want!
  • That’s the secret! wait! what? who said this was a secret! you probably already knew it anyway! good night
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Dealing With Disappointments
dealing with disappointments

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