Do What You Can’t- Casey Neistat


– One of my the early marketing mentors used to say: “if you don’t offend anyone by noon, you ain’t doing it right.” (RIP gary halbert)
– one of the most common things i get when i go travel or especially when i go shoot photography at night.

– is the people who are the paranoid couch travelers, as i call them, say Oh BE CAREFUL OUT THERE! its a really dangerous world! and just watch your back! Etc Etc.

– Funny thing is it that those are the same people who dont go anywhere and if they do they usually get in trouble and something always happens to them! because by thinking and saying those things they obviously attract them! and then they try to pass on their paranoia to others, so others can also start attracting same into their lives! (Don’t listen to them)

– That’s why I really love this video! i posted it on my time line before and im posting it again! I watch it periodically to just get a boost of inspiration to reassure myself i am on the right track, that anything is possible and that no one should listen to Nay sayers and people who say anything negative period!

-Because negative people will find negativity in anything you show them. and they will also find it if you don’t. truth to be told, whatever you seek you shall find! and it is one and only absolute truth in this life!

-Lance Armstrong has also said it in his auto biography. When he came back after his “C” illness survival, stronger than ever. he trained like a madman, because he wanted to win tour de France. The ultimate and hardest cycling competition in the world! he was training and riding hard and was beating everyone!

– And of course some people didn’t believe he could come back like this after surviving major illness where he almost died, had to go through chemo treatments, lost a lot of pounds, had to relearn walking, etc.

– so when he began winning again, press started to jab at him at every press conference asking him questions if he was using performance drugs, etc. they wanted to break his morale. but most interesting thing was as he put it (and i wrote it down).

– he said: “I began to notice something. The people who whispered and wrote that i was using drugs were THE SAME PEOPLE who, when i was sick, had said, “he’s finished. He will never race again”. They were the same ones who, when I wanted to come back said, “No, we don’t want to give him a chance. He will never amount to anything.”

– So, look if you’re afraid to do facebook lives, because you think someone is gonna judge or say something about you! You right THEY WILL!
– But they will do it one way or the other! they will say it about anyone or about anything! Thats what they do! they find negative in anything and everything! Why would you allow that to stop you!

– Judgement comes with territory! get used to it! do your best to ignore and just focus on delivering value to people! teach people positive stuff, encourage and lift others up, connect people with other people! create content that teaches something on entertains! do what you love and share it with the world!

– Don’t stop giving your gift to the world because of couple of haters. Instead focus on those who will benefit from what you got and help them by being a leader, inspire them and show them that you can do it in the face of fear, judgement and even rejection! become a messenger of hope, positivity and love!


Eddie Marke

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