Do You F*****G Believe?

– WOWWWWW!!!!! I just finished reading auto biography on Lance Armstrong “its not about the bike, my journey back to life!”

– it is by far THE BEST book (and most HUMBLING AND INSPIRING) i have ever read! EVER! hands down!

– i laughed, i cried, i shivered, i almost fainted(had to skip few pages, can’t even read about when people insert needles and things in other people’s bodies). i also was super inspired and i think I felt GOD as i was reading it!
– if you think you have problems in life. and you think your troubles are so big and your world seems impossible.

– go pick up this copy and read it IMMEDIATELY! (took me 5 hours to go through the whole thing almost in one sit, couldnt stop reading!)

– it is a story of true AMERICAN WARRIOR! in body, in mind and in soul! never seen anything more INSPIRING, HEARTBREAKING, TRIUMPHANT, REAL AND COMPASSIONATE (and all other cliche things they usually write on rear covers of books! haha)

– A literal story of a true transformation of REAL HARDCORE ups and downs in life, facing the and surviving scariest disease in the world and also glimpse into a world of self inflicted doubt and depression and how all the person needs to get back up from it (and hint: its not by using CBD oils or zoloft).

– my biggest take away from the book was honestly the fact that when he was looking directly in to deaths eyes. Decisions, thoughts and feelings he was facing. he said this one awesome thing in this one paragraph. I wrote the whole thing down:

– “Beyond that, I had no idea where to draw the line between spiritual belief and science. But i knew this much: i believed in belief, for its own shining sake. To believe in the face of utter hopelessness, every article of evidence to the contrary, to ignore apparent catastrophe- what other choice was there? We do it every day i realized. We are so much stronger than we imagine, and belief is one of the most valiant and long-lived human characteristics. To believe, when all along we humans know that nothing can cure the briefness of this life, that there is no remedy for our basic mortality, that is a form of bravery.To continue believing in yourself, believing in the doctors, believing in the treatment, believing in whatever i chose to believe in, that was the most important thing, i decided. it had to be. Without belief, we would be left with nothing but an overwhelming doom, every single day. and it will beat you. I didnt fully see, until the cancer, how we fight every day against the creeping negatives of this world, how we struggle, daily against the slow lapping of cynicism. Dispiritidness and disappointment, these were the real perils of life, not some sudden illness, or cataclysmic millennium doomsday. I knew now why people fear cancer: because it is a slow and inevitable death, it is the very definition of cynicism and loss of spirit.So i believed!” (Lance Armstrong)
-After i read it. I was completely astonished! i was already on path to believe this. but now im certain.”

– we dont have much control in this life. life is unpredictable. things move and change too quickly. and as much as your EGO wants you to think you are the are powerful and all knowing and you control a lot of things in life.

– But in reality. only thing you can control is your thoughts and what you believe in!

– this is where it starts. this is how winners become winners! this is how people who achieve something or build something start the process! they choose to believe!

– They start believing in their ideas, they start believing in themselves, they start believing ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

– it sounds basic and a little out there. but thats where it starts! if you don’t believe it is possible it wont be.

– if you don’t believe you will quit your nursing job so you can work from home so you can spend more time with your son or daughter then you won’t. and all other evidence will come to support you!

– if you don’t believe you can’t travel the world and go whereever you want to, regardless of what other say or how gloomy your situation looks. then you won’t travel!

-if you don’t believe you can’t make move out of the place where you are being abused or have real hardship because you scared you won’t be able to support your kids! you won’t!

– because i do!!!! I BELIEVED i could cure myself with no pills, or aa meetings or psychologists from alcoholism, drug abuse, codependency, depression, chronic anger and i did.

– because I BELIEVED, i don’t have to work 9-5 for anyone and answer to anyone and be my own boss and i did!

– becuase i BELIEVED, i could find my first real estate investment deal, when i was hand writing 100s of yellow signs i used to put on sides of road, as my friends and girlfriends relatives laughed at me saying that it wouldnt work. BUT IT DID WORK! (did first deal with no money down, no credit, not even being legal in the country! in 2008)

– because i BELIEVED, when my own hypnotherapist, (as i was down and emotional and going through divorce), told me i couldnt sell my business. and 1 MONTH later I DID!

– because I BELIEVED, when people looked and told me i would never go travel full time. i set a date dec 6th 2018. and 4 months later I AM DOING IT!

– so you don’t tell me you can’t starting to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF or whatever else excuse you have. to NOT START DOING WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU WANT TO BE DOING!

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– Everything is possible! if you only put your mind to it and start to believe!
– READ this book! it will make you rethink your whole life! I was so touched by Lance’s Story! i can’t not describe it in words! everything i thought i was going through EVER seems so minimal to me now! i really BELIEVE he is a true AMERICAN HERO! GOD BLESS HIS HEART AND HIS FAMILY for touching so many hearts around the world! he is a true champion not only in sport but as a human being! <3 sending lots of love!

– and if you think you want more out of life and you are tired of spinning your wheels and your ranking up is not working.

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