They Want You To Be Poor

  • -When i was 26 most of my days were spent partying i clubs in Hollywood (4-5 days a week). Smoking, drinking and doing drugs were few of my common daily activities. Don’t get me wrong. I still showed up for work every day (never missed one), because i didn’t have anyone else to support me. My closest family was about 6000 miles away! so i would go to work from 7-5 pm, then go party with my friends at night till 2-3 am in the morning! Then back to job at 7 am! don’t ask me how its possible! but it was! ‘Cause i did it for few years! LOL 😀
  •  Then one day, (it was pre-new years celebration party). We started on 29th of December! Mentality was, hey if you gonna waste your days drinking and doing drugs, why not start 3 days early?! I remember, I didn’t sleep for 3 days! Who needs sleep! All went well! lots of fun was had and all was great and amazing! But… Something didn’t sit right.
  • On day 2 or somewhere around that time. I was in my room. It was 4-5 am in the morning. I couldn’t sleep, so i started browsing through the book shelf my friend had in his house and i found a book.(i was always curious to read stuff). The book was called Rich dad poor dad, by Robert Kiyosaki. i dusted it off, opened the cover and dug into it.
  • I had most of it finished in couple hours. everyone started waking up and i got up too. I put book back on the shelf and went back to celebrate most important day of the year! the day where everyone sets resolutions with hopes of improving their lives in upcoming year! And so did I! although i quite didn’t really know it yet…
  • What i didn’t know was that what i read in that book will literally CHANGE the way i thought about life and what i did with it! how money works in general. (it took few days for my subconscious to process, maybe it was lack of sleep or maybe the fact that I was still under influence)!
  • I always considered myself a rebellious type. I didn’t like listening to the teachers, i didn’t listen much to my parents. I have never much been influenced by peers either, because i always liked to do things my own way. Seek information from sources unusual to what people had in my surroundings, I would go take classes that were “strange and weird”(like hypnotherapy or NLP or real estate investing or millionaire mind intensive or Tony Robbins upw where you have to jump up and down for couple of days and scream like a “crazy” person lol)!
  • Even with total lack of outside support- I didn’t know successful people, I didn’t have any mentors, who would care enough to show me in direction of the right path. I somehow intuitively knew that I could find out answer to all the secrets i needed from books and education other people wrote in their books or taught at seminars and courses!
  • Therefore I have to say, I truly am thankful to Rich Dad Poor Dad and Mr Kiyosaki. for changing the way i thought about the world and really owe him and this book- my life. because after reading it i understood the difference of two types basic types of ways you can look at life and especially how to make money living it!
  • 1. Old way- of going to school, learning what someone else decided to teach you, with hopes of graduating with a diploma(glorified piece of paper you can frame and hang in your office afterwards), then with a hope of landing a well paying job with some company, work HARD (for someone else) for 20-30 years, pay taxes before you get your paycheck, build 401k, build pension, buy a house, start family, retire and live rest of your life in bliss and happiness!
  • 2. “New” way. (not sure if its really new). go learn some skills that you want. Use that skill to help people, which will start making you money. start a self employment business, become self employed, learn some more skills as you go, grow self employment business, hire some people(become “real” business owner). Make money doing it. pay taxes after you get your money and pay all expenses, get different tax write offs, choose to go to work and take time off according to your own schedule(to list a few benefits)!
  • This was realization i had that night in an empty room in a party house of suburb Chicago. and I can tell you i was never the same ever since! Few years forward, i was able to quit my job soon after. last job i had was around 2006.
  • I started reading more, going to seminars on marketing and real estate investing. did my first real estate deal in 2008. Then I did websites for living, helping people local online marketing doing SEO(back then when it still worked), started my own computer repair from home that grew quickly into a local business that I was able to sell 3 years later…
  • Most importantly i didn’t have to work for anyone else – other than my clients(who i can fire anytime i want- and i have fired some)! And now working completely on my own terms for past 10 years
  • I can go spend time with my daughter when i want to, don’t have to ask anyone when i can go on a photo trip and how long i should be gone. I literally went from being someone’s employee and doing things which helped their company to being a master of my own fate and getting to decide what happens with my life according to my own will! and all this because of reading ONE book! I’ve told this story few times and I really attribute the beginning of my major paradigm shift to this book! so i highly recommend you read it! wherever you are at in life! it’s very important. and then read Kiyosaki’s other good book about 4 cash flow quadrants- that one is an eye opener too!
  • Each morning i start with doing some reading or nowadays its usually a video or audio that i listen to(right after i check my Instagram lol). Today’s video is below. And this is what inspired me to write this! Robert is doubling down on this in all his current content! There is a reason for this! Old way doesn’t seem to work anymore! Maybe it is for couple select people! but not for most as it used to be!
  • I just met a customer who told me she was going to some major university to learn some medical field profession and her loan was 400 thousand dollars at 6% interest rate! when i asked her how is she going to pay it off after 6 years of studying, she told me she will have to try to get a job at some hospital, but she said there is competition and not so easy to get in too. and i was thinking for $400k she could have gotten an investment property, which possibly would be growing in value, generating cash flow income to be used to take classes to learn a skill, that can be used to start making money and pay for part of the college tuition if she chooses to get that higher qualified skills in university!….
  • But then again what do i know… I’m just some random guy on the internet! (y) Enjoy the video! maybe you can learn something today!
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