Going at your own pace

do you feel like you are drinking water out of a fire hydrant, when it comes to opportunities you see online everyday? I hear in news people saying there is no jobs, there is no work, unemployment this unemployment that. but for me it is quite different. i actually have to battle everyday in order to start focusing on one things instead of doing 10 things at the time. 

In fact i am constantly bombarded with direct messages on instagram and facebook and all kinds of strangers adding me with a sole purpose of pitching me their version of idea or formula or system for success. and they are not shy and not hesitant about it. and got forbid if you join at least at the entry level of their programs, they will hunt and bug you as much as they can, so you buy into next level and get on your road to success as fast as possible.

they many times use all kinds of sales and mental tricks to get you to do it. and sometimes even use your position, for example not having any money or being out of job or desperate to push you forward. and i imagine for some people for their own good! and also if you don’t join right away, you might feel the pressure or being guilted afterwards or start gettting doubts that maybe you really are not meant to be successful because for some reason you don’t feel like jumping on this next best thing to sliced bread opportunity. afterwards you may even feel alienated and down thinking you’re not cut out for this or even to the point of not capable of being successful! 

But in reality.

And first of all. if you are in situation like that where you feel pressured by your “potential” sponsor to join immediately, them justifying -that’s what leaders do that’s what winners do, etc. it means only one thing. you don’t have a good potential sponsor.

a great potential sponsor knows one thing. that people buy at their own pace. Frank Kern was just running ads on facebook and one of them was exactly about it. he spilled a pile of fluffy white balls on table and separated them into 3 piles. one pile was about 20 percent, the middle pile was about 50 and third one was about 30 or something like that. afterwards he explained that most of marketers target first pile only. it is almost like initial salesmans response who comes to your house door knocking. and he has to make a sale right there and then. if he doesnt he is not gonna come back.

but in real marketing there is that middle pile of people who are not ready to buy now. they are ready to buy maybe tomorrow, maybe in a week maybe in a month maybe in 6 months. thats why they have invented drip campaigns and follow up marketing. where you make contact with person who is interested and if they don’t buy now. you just keep sending them value and keep following up and hope at some point they will be ready.

it’s just how it works. 

so if you feel like you are in the middle pile and feel pressured to join because you think you won’t be successful -don’t. 

Everyone has their own pace. everyone learns to walk when they are ready to walk. yes there are averages, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful if you are slower than average. it only means you are not ready now. and you need time to sort things out until you are. that’s all!

in spirituality its called running your own race. you really have no one to compare yourself to. you are one of the kind and Gods plan for you is unique. so why worry and get discouraged because someone wants to get a commission of your sale as soon as possible. stay in peace! run your own race!

oh yeah and if you are wondering what the third pile was. it is people who won’t ever buy. don’t be in that pile! take action now! LOL

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