Must Read Books


  1. Ask and it is given – Abraham Hicks
  2. Psycho Cybernetics Maxwell Maltz
  3. Happy Pocket Full Of Money
  4. Secrets Of Millionaire Mind – T. Harv Eker
  5. Start With Why – Simon Sinek
  6. Upside of Fear – Weldon Long
  7. You can’t teach 

Health Nutrition

  1. Primal BluePrint- Mark Sisson


  1. Dan Kennedy – Ultimate marketing letter
  2. Dan Kennedy – ALL NO BS books
  3. David Sandler – you can’t teach a kid ride bicycle at seminar (must read for sales)
  4. Mike Dillard – Magnetic Sponsoring (very important on mindset also)


  1. Ray Dalio – Principles
  2. Jordan Peterson – 12 rules for life


  1. Pia Mellody – Facing codependency
  2. Brad Blanton – Radical Honesty (best resource on how to deal with anger)
  3. Adams – Silently Seduced
  4. Neil Strauss – The Truth( relationships, codependency)


  1. Sam Keen- fire in the belly
  2. Robert Bly – Iron John
  3. Gillette and Moore- king warrior magician lover
  4. David Deida – The Way of Superior Man, Blue Truth
  5. Warren Farrel – boy crisis (and all his other books- liberated man, why men are the way they are, women can’t hear what men don’t say)


  1. Shinzen Young- Science of enlightenment
  2. Eckart Tolle- power of now, new earth
  3. Abraham hicks – Ask and it is given
  4. David Deida – Wild Nights, Blue Truth
  5. Joel Osteens – All books

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