Sorry But Your Guru is Wrong

if you ever went into the book store. Like barnes and nobles or… i don’t think there are many of them left anymore! but if you have you probably have seen a self development section, which is usually pretty large in size! there are hundreds of gurus and experts on how to fix, better, improve yourself. make your life better, by getting more confidence, more self esteem, more sales, less fear, less depression, more courage to speak in public, etc etc.

Most of those people have great books, great advice and great information. But not necessarily for you! see we as humans are pretty complex individuals. we are made out of similar physical material like bones, muscles, tissues, etc. our brains work in similar ways as well. and we sort of have similar basic needs like to get nutrition, air to breathe, get physical nurturing, we also have similar emotional needs.


passed all those things we are pretty complex in out individuality also. some of us like this and other people like that, some of us were raised in a family and some had only one or no parents. some of us have one values we put above all and others have different values! and on and on. you get the idea.

and that’s why the book that you are reading or seminar you attend maybe not as great as you have expected. it happens a lot to me.

having read a lot of books and listened to a lot of audio programs anything from sales, marketing, spirituality, recruiting, nutrition, i can now say that some authors do not really resonate with what i believe to be true in my life. and that doesn’t really mean that i am wrong or they are wrong in their approach. It only means that the current approach maybe be a wrong approach for you! and to me it means i have to go search for my answers elsewhere.

because there is really a 100 ways to skin a cat. and no way is the best way and no way is the incorrect way. there are no absolute truths in world. things constantly change. and what works now may not work tomorrow. so keep that in mind and learn everything with a grain of salt! everyone has great information but do not get disappointed if you tried it and it doesnt work for you. it may not be your fault after all!

Author: Eddie Marke

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