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On Dec 6 2018, I announced aka spoke my thoughts into existence, that i will go travel full time! (documented on my instagram @jongasphoto)

I set departure date around march or april mainly because at the time i had absolutely no idea how i would pull it off. At the time i was up to my neck in my work and from previous experience my mind kept telling me it will be hard to find someone to replace me with in my retail store business!

And so i set out to look for the person, asking people around, posting ads on craigslist and other sites.

I wasn’t having any luck! The people that i talked to, sounded enthusiastic, yet neither, except of one, even showed up for an interview…

Time was running out, it was already April. And on surface it seemed i was pretty much at square one!

Maybe On surface….

But not where it really mattered!

Where it mattered – Inside my mind and inside my heart, i was working overtime to visualize, the perfect scenario of me driving wherever i choose to drive, without having to ever think of having to come back(other than to see my daughter)

i imagined the feeling i would feel as i would just drive exploring things, hiking the mountains, getting into caves, striking out names one by one, on the list of places i always dreamed to photograph and visit!

I was tempted to get frustrated, discouraged and disappointed, but by being aware of them. I knew it was the enemy testing me and i never let that get in the way.

Because I knew… if i just trust the process, stay patient and believe (by having faith)- whatever i wanted would eventually manifest itself! (Talk about probable cause) 😉

So then one day, mid april. When things in physical world did not seem to get any better: still no person to work in store, no van that i wanted to travel in, work was also picking up making it harder to even go travel on weekends, my iphone decided to break too!

So i went and found a used one on craigslist(i use iPhone SE i like the size of it, i don’t like big phones). And the person i met to buy phone from happened to be in same business as i am. I asked him if he would be interested to come see my store and he did! (Talk about a God sent)!

make money online, white sand dunes, travel full time,

Long story short! I still dont have the van, the store is running full speed with no problems, and I already did a 3 week trip up the west coast to vancouver, canada, came back for a week and am now midway to houston texas! (san antonio, tx currently)

(And as it seems might head to florida and God knows where else after that!)

All im saying is that what ever is it you want in life! No matter what it is! Better health, better relationship, a car, a house or maybe more money, a lifestyle, writing a book, making a movie or a place you want to visit!

All you have to do is know what it is, then be grateful to God as if you already have it and just believe that it will happen!

And i promise you that it will! If you only start to BELIEVE! Believe in your dream, the process and most importantly YOURSELF!
You can make anything happen if you really want to! (Y)

🙏❤️ I wanted to thank you reading this! For Your likes and support it means a lot to me! 
I love doing what i do and I hope i can inspire you to do what you love doing most in your life no matter how impossible it may seem at the moment! (if there is a will then there is a way!)💥🔥

(In photo- ‘been wanting to go to white sand dunes for about 2 years- so please don’t tell me that dreams do not come true!)

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Author: Eddie Marke

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